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The country which is famous as the light of the Middle East is “Bahrain”.
Bahrain is the country which has the best and most trained building and also have considers of the personality of the Gulf. It is also known as to be the most important country of Muslims who have permitted its occupants the freedom to choose their religion.
Bahrain is one of the countries where you will easily see a mosque that has a Catholic church and a Hindu temple in its neighborhood.
The behavior of the people of Bahrain is fully appreciable. Bahrain is countries which have the 36 islands and the total covered area of this country is more than 700 square kilometers.
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The word Bahrain comes from an Arabic word which mean is Two Seas.
Bahrain is a huge famous country to visit for visitors and also for business people.
It is situated on the Arab desert. This country’s development has increased or grown as far and it opens the door of choices for the international people.
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Ramee Baisan Hotel Bahrain

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Windsor Tower, Bahrain

Best places for the purpose of visit

Bahrain is a place which has many ductile unique places for the visitors from whole over the world like sailing a dhow or trading in a marketplace after get some nap and take relaxation in the best beautiful and stylish hotels of the Bahrain. There are many places where visitors should visit during their tour of Bahrain. Few of them are following:

Track of Formula One

Tree of Life

Al Areen Wild Life Park

Hawar Island
Track of Formula One
The place “Formula 1 race track of Bahrain” comes at the top of the list of best places and it is the most visiting place of an International motor racing circuits.

The first Grand Prix Formula 1 was derived on 24 April 2009. The track of race is about 45 minutes of the driving from the city of Manama of Bahrain.

The visitors who are thinking to visit Bahrain in the month of April, they must have to book their rooms first because all the hotels and apartments get booked in advance due to the race, few months before the race.

Tree of Life
The old place about four hundred years which is tree of life and where the tree is known as the “Acacia tree”. It is famous as the most attracting and unique wonders of the world.

It is situated in the deep desert where there is no grass for miles. Tree of Life is a secret for everyone due to the reason that there is no one who really knows from where it gets its nutrition. There are some people who said that the place where this tree is the actual location of the Garden of Eden. The visitors who come to visit Bahrain, they must have to pay a visit to this place as it is known to be one of the famous visitor’s places of Bahrain.

Al Areen Wild Life Park
The other amazing place of the Bahrain for the families and animal lovers is Al Areen Wild Life Park.

This is the place where the people can discover and enjoy by watching the animals in the wild. This park consists of two parts but the fact is that only one part is open for public.

The view of animals is only allowed through their bus from the entrance. The visitors can see Arabian Orya, Persian Gazelle, springbok, Arabian mammals and some African animals in the park. The timing of the park is open from 8 am to 4pm on a daily basis for the public and visitors.

Hawar Island

The last place of Bahrain which is known as the most visiting place of Bahrain by visitors across whole the world is “Hawar Island”.
The visitors who want to go to this beautiful island can go on ferries from Askar Jetty.

The visitors can easily to see the seasonally migratory birds on this island such as the red necked stork and the winter geese which includes a spectacular splash of color.

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