Education of Dubai

UAE is known as to be the well-known visitor arrivals for the visitors from whole over the world. It now becomes the famous visiting arrival in the past few years.
The popular state of the UAE is Dubai which has become the main reason of making UAE the popular visiting arrivals for the visitors during their vacations.

Dubai has issued as a famous visitor arrival for the last few years due to this it is the largest tower of the world, first seven-star hotel, indoor ski slope and many more visitors come to Dubai from whole over the world during their vacations not only to see the famous arrivals but also to travel the enhanced city created by the Emiratis which is besides of the desert.
There are many other places for the travel in UAE (United Arab Emirates) other than Dubai like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and many others. Dubai has growth as a main lead of tractable commercial center for many numbers of businesses.
The state of the art building structure and top class surroundings of business has made Dubai, a logical place to do business at all scale that is large, medium and small.
The government has selected a main method for the business and accordingly offered numbers of chances for business.
The system of Dubai education consists of four parts which are hid 14 years from primary to secondary.
It is wonder thong for all people to know that the local people of Dubai are provided free education up to secondary level.
The ministry of education works hard on education policies, studies at many different schools or institutions and syllabus in order to fresh the mind of the students to give them a bright future.

Nurseries in Dubai

The education of Nursery like any other country begins from small age in Dubai. Kids of having age 2 or 18 months are admitted to these schools.
Teachers take many Montessori courses to teach the kids. The English speaking skills are also growth in this age and take the students prepared to take admission in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Education (KG):

Those kids are admitted to KG class who having the age of 4 or 5 years. There are many subjects that are taught like music, Arabic, art and mathematics.
There is also special concentration which is provided to English language while religion is also the part of syllabus.
Kids are not taught any specific religion, in spite, it is taught on their belonging religion and there is complete freedom to them. Students of kindergarten and primary schools will be very much pleasant and happy to tell you about great education.
Secondary students will moreover, complain about it like they do anywhere.

Primary Education:

Those students who complete their kindergarten education, they are admitted to primary school.
These kids are normally having an age from 5 to 7 years. It requires 6 years to complete primary education.
English is the main language which used as a medium of teaching in Dubai.
Moreover, there are many schools which are taught in Arabic and there are also some foreign languages such as Hindi, Russian and French.
Foreign curriculum such as Japanese and British are also very famous in some schools.
There are some schools which gets entry test in order to find the capability of students before giving the admission and being admitted in respective class according to their results.
British schools begin new sessions in the month of September while other schools begin the session in April.
School timings are normally from 8am to 2pm with two to three breaks in between.

Secondary Education:

There are some students who are admitted to secondary or high school for more education after successful finishing of primary education.
There are many international schools in Dubai whose are follow the syllabus from Cambridge to Indian CBSE system and securing the quality of education and providing the correct knowledge to students. It takes 3 years to finish the education of secondary.

The main options are : For A level program, Dubai College, English college Dubai, St. Mary Catholic high school and Dubai Gem private school.

Tertiary Education:

There are many numbers of emigrants who are send their children to either western countries or country for getting university education.
Nationals of Dubai can attend government institutions without any fees.
There has been a modifiable growth of universities and institutes in Dubai to confer the education in the last few years.
There are many numbers of disciplines which are provided to deputed universities in Dubai such as engineering, business, medical, technical, arts and many more.
There are some intelligent students who are also provided scholarships to take them education free of cost and struggle to get ahead of everyone without any financial problem.

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