Kuwait Visa

Kuwait is the city which comes on the list if the well-developed oil-based economic cities of the Middle East. It is a city which is fully equipped with the amazing arrivals of the visitors which amaze the visitors from whole over the world every year.

There are many old monuments, madrassas, fortresses and mosques which are mixed with the amenities of a contemporary Arab country.

Archaeologists in Kuwait have found many old places which is initiated from the fifth century B.C. which was the modern period of the Greeks, Sumerians, Persians and Babylonians.
Route of the old trades were found in this city which were created by the enhanced old cultures. Archaeologists have also found many historical materials which showed that the country was not always so deserted and dry like it is today.
There are many travel agents and hotels of Kuwait that provides you the many kinds of beautiful tours of the city.
The visitors who want to go to visit Kuwait, they can chose from many type of tours which having limit from history and heritage of the city to the modern structure of the city.
You have a need of visa to make your entrance legally to enter in Kuwait. You must have a passport which is valid for maximum six months in order to enter in Kuwait. You may not receive the entry if you have an Israeli visa or a stamp on your passport.
A person gets the application of visa form which is to be filled properly in order to get the business or visit visa.
There are some things which are needed for the visa such as a copy of national identity card with a copy of sponsor’s signature as registered for the sake of business.
For the purpose of having the visa for a friend or relative, an occupant must need to receive the application of visa and security checked by the sponsor, copy of guest visa, duplicate as well as original support visa with support ID copy. You have a need of an original proof of the relation with family.

Addition of Stopover

A fine of 10 Kuwaiti Dinar will be charged for those people who are living for more than 30 days on visit visa.
Those people whose visa has already expired, they cannot leave the country without giving the fine.
The fine must be paid to the immigration department office during the office hours and not at the time of departure at the airport.
An emigrant must have to receive the two-month extension of the visitor visa before the visa expires from the Immigration department.

Those people who want to stay there for more time in Kuwait, they can receive a 2nd visit visa in Kuwait. It can be achieved by traveling to Bahrain in the morning and entering Kuwait again in the even that only cost about Kuwaiti Dinar 45.

Multiple Entry Visas:

This type of visa allows you to enter in the country at any period of time and at once or more times as you want within a 1 year. It may be acceptable to the support commercially of the ministry of defense. American citizens can receive the visa for up to 10 years and they are permitted to receive the unlimited number of entries.

Transit Visas:

This type of visa, you can gain from the high authority of Kuwait Port or Board of Consulate of Kuwait. It is valid for a period of 7 days. If he/she wants to go to Kuwait, the fees is 2 Kuwaiti dinar and the applicants must hold a valid visa for the country.


There is no any need of vaccination certificates for the travelers.

Moreover, there are many people who want to coming from the areas that are infected with yellow fever or cholera; it needs to provide a proof of their health.

Moreover, there are many people who want to travelling from a place where infectious disease had raised, they are need to go ahead from medical examination quickly after the reached here.

The most recent position must be checked with the embassy of Kuwait before travelling.


The traveler has to fill an entry form at the airport when reaching Kuwait. In this entry form, he must have to provide that from where he is coming and where he is going to stay.

Those people who come for the purpose of business tour, they must be staying in a hotel.

Managers of hotels are needed to shows the interior ministry when a traveler checks in or out on daily basis. The person who wants to change the location, he or she must have to tell the department of immigration within 48 hours of action.

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