Oman Airlines

The most important interest of the visitors is Airlines. When a visitor or tourist want to go somewhere, thy must have to need for airlines to reach on particular destination.

For this purpose, they must have to know about the services of Airlines of that country or state.

The benefit is that they can enjoy suitable flights at that rates which they are ready to afford easily.
Now we have to look Oman Airline which is the best airline that is Oman Air.

Oman Air
Oman Air has initiated its services in the period of 1993. The national airline of Oman which is Oman Air is situated on the grounds of Muscat Airport in Seeb. The airline works as private and also as the foreign passenger services along with charter flights and taxi.
Hub of Oman Air
The hub of Oman air is Muscat international airport. The airline is partner of Arab Carriers Organization and as of March 2010, the airline has been the first one who is provided both WI-FI services and mobile phone.
It also won the Gold award in 2011, as the “Airline of the year” at France’s Laurier d’Or du Voyage d’ Affaires. There are many of the services and some interesting offers which are given by the Oman Air.

Classes of Oman Air

The airline is flourished with much number of services for the passengers that can fulfill their requirements and also the cost. Together, there are three classes which is offered by the airline
Such as;
• First Class
• Business Class
• Economy Class
These all classes are providing the requirements of different classes. There are many services which is given to the passengers of each class such as;

• Inflight Dining
• Inflight connectivity
• Virtual tour
• Chauffer Drive Service

Packages of Vacation

Oman Air airline give us a huge diversity of exceptional value which is appended the vacation tours and packages that shows the best cheer, tourism and spare time experience. The packages have also included hotels, tours, excursions, and holiday experience for the visitors.
Catering of Oman Air

The services of catering were initiated in the year 2002 which comprehends of a building area of ten thousand square meters. The Catering works gives a meal production and also the logistics capacity and also include some to18000 meals per day.

Cargo of Oman Air

The services of cargo of Oman Air were initiated in the year 2009 and it is in the practice of being defined as a mark. The main thing which is the key to success for the sales of the cargo was the plan to work with professional General Sales and Services agent to market their products or goods.

Deals and Packages

Oman Air airline provides its passengers with much number of deals and packages whole around the year. They also provide unique discounts and lowest prices rents from Paris, Dammam, Chittagong, Kochi, Luck now Kuwait and Beirut.
Unique deals which are provided by Oman Air airline are:

• Ramadan Offer
• Muscat Tour Packages
• Park in Muscat
• Business Class Summer sales
• Discount from India for HDFC card Holders
• Maldives summer offer
• Salalah Break
• Salalah Special

There are other many number of interesting offers and packages for general flyers. These facilities can be used after finishing the demanded number of miles or kilometers to get the some different unique discounts and deals.

Other Facilities:

Oman Air airline is always wants to try to help the passengers by giving the best facilities that can make their journey safe, enjoyable and easy.
For example, Oman Air airline provides the passengers with some other important needs which are transportation from gates by wheelchair or electric cart etc., dietary needs and boarding assistance.
Oman Air airline also takes the important care of expectant mothers, infant child, and unaccompanied minors and offers them emergency kits for their aids.

Passenger’s happiness is of huge importance such as taking care of them is not just reputable business but a permanent consignment that Oman Air airline contends to contradict.

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