Oman Tour

Oman is designed to be one of the famous holidays where a bouts in the world among visitors.

It is a country which has the most enough sights, shorelines, deserts and mountains which will fully confound your minds.

The most important city of attraction of Oman is Muscat.

Muscat is the largest city of Oman which has the most enough places where the visitors can do anything during their vacations like Camel sporting, night-time safaris, rock climbing, walking on beachfront, dolphin observing and deep sea diving.
Oman is a country which is fully equipped with miscellaneous natural resources like deserts, oases, sandy beaches, waterfalls, dunes and mountains.
When a visitor or tourist want to go somewhere, thy must have to need for airlines to reach on particular destination.
For this purpose, they must have to know about the services of Airlines of that country or state. The benefit is that they can enjoy suitable flights at that rates which they are ready to afford easily.

Places for the visiting
There are many enhanced and enough places in Muscat city of Oman, which wonders a lot of visitors who come from whole over the world every year.
Galleries and museums of Muscat are worth seeing as they will help you to understand and increase your knowledge about the historical past of the city.

The most famous galleries and museums of Muscat are:

Natural History Museum

Bait Muzna Gallery

Omani Museum of France

Bait Al Zubair

There are also many heritage arrivals in Muscat which wonders the visitors. Some of these are;


Al Mirani Fortification

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Al Jalali Fort

Nakhal Fort.

Muscat is a city which is the home of some enough, luxurious and state of the art hotels where the visitors will give you the surety to enjoy their stay during vacations.

The visitors who are fond of in tasting the heritage of Oman, they must take a tour of the Nakhl Oasis and its fort.

You will see the most amazing fort which is situated in the Nakhl Oasis during the tour and which will pass through the warm springs at Thowarah.

Thowarah is a place which has lush palm trees and after that finally reach BiladSayt village.

You will also be able to find WadiSahtan during the tour, which has some most attractive rock paintings.

There is a huge indoor market in Oman which is well known as Al Dhalam Souk. It it is located with the Muttrah Corniche coast.

You can also be able to find amazing daggers, jewelry made of silver and incredibly sophisticated handwork in the market.

You can also be able to find amazing handicrafts at this Souk. Those visitors, who are fond of in being delighted by many forts and castles during their vacations, they must have to come to Oman as it has an endless list of them.

There are many watchtowers, castles and forts in Oman which will fully amaze the mind of the visitors.

If you are thinking to go to Oman in your vacations so it is suggested that you must get the facilities of travel agents as they will give you the many types of vacation packages regarding to your budget,

There are many packages through which you will be able to enhance the many old historical and state of the art arrivals of visitors which you have never ever dreamed of seeing during your visit to this beautiful country.

Now, Oman has become the most spotted country by visitors from whole over the world due to its massive list of idealistic arrivals of visitors in the past few years.


The weather in Oman is different in months. The winter is cool and pleasant in Oman but summer months are hot and humid.

The interior remains hot and dry except for the mountains where temperatures can drop drastically at night.

The hottest months in Oman are June through August but on the southern coast of Dhofar the monsoons bring light but persistent rain, resulting in a cool and misty summer.

Rainfall varies but in general remains sparse and irregular.

In the south, most of the year’s rainfall occurs during the monsoon months.
In the north, the opposite occurs.

Here most rain comes from occasional winter storms which descend out of the eastern Mediterranean during the months of January through March, depositing an annual average of 10 cm of rain on the capital area.

Hotels and Resorts

Visitors are always looking for the best residential hotels to live and especially when they are go out to abroad international arrivals.
Now you will be able to see the hotel of your choice among Oman hotels whenever you will visit Oman.
Some hotels and resorts are:

5 star hotel

Grand Hyatt

Al-Bustan Palace

Muscat Intercontinental

Bandar Al Jissah

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