Oman Visa

Oman is designed to be one of the famous holidays where a bouts in the world among visitors.
It is a country which has the most enough sights, shorelines, deserts and mountains which will fully confound your minds.

The most important city of attraction of Oman is Muscat.
Muscat is the largest city of Oman which has the most enough places where the visitors can do anything during their vacations like Camel sporting, night-time safaris, rock climbing, walking on beachfront, dolphin observing and deep sea diving.
Oman is a country which is fully equipped with miscellaneous natural resources like deserts, oases, sandy beaches, waterfalls, dunes and mountains.
When a visitor or tourist want to go somewhere, thy must have to need for airlines to reach on particular destination.
For this purpose, they must have to know about the services of Airlines of that country or state. The benefit is that they can enjoy suitable flights at that rates which they are ready to afford easily.
There are many enhanced and enough places in Muscat city of Oman, which wonders a lot of visitors who come from whole over the world every year.
Galleries and museums of Muscat are worth seeing as they will help you to understand and increase your knowledge about the historical past of the city.

For the sake of entrance in Oman, there is a need of passport which has to be valid and required with maximum for 6 months for all the citizens of nations like British, Australia, Canada and USA.

What documents will have to be must?

The applicant must fill the visa form that should be type written, signed and stamped by the sponsor. There is also a need of passport size photograph having with the applicant original passport and also the copy of passport which is valid for maximum 3 months.

Issuing a passport requires time:

It will takes maximum 10 business days to get the Omani visa. The visa can be used within the six months from the date of issue and is valid for one month from the date of entry.
Extra Info:

Per day 10 Omani Riyals are charged from those who live beyond the said period regarding to the law.

Visa for employment:

The employment visa can be issued on the request of local sponsor.

It is the duty of sponsor to confirm the coming of person to Oman for employment and he or she is not less than 21 years old.

The validity of visa is about three months from the date of issue and it can be extended for number of entries.

The fee is at least of 23 Omani Riyals and 50 Omani Riyals are charged per month in case of late renewals. It is important that the sponsor must be a local resident with legal bindings and duty for the accuracy of information which is provided in the details and forms.
The person for whom the visa is being sponsored, he or she should be at least of 21 years but not more than 60 years.

The person must be of same sex which is given in the labor document which is normally issued by Directorate General of Labor Affairs.

The profession must be the same as stated in the labor permit.
Need of attachments:

The submission of electronic application that can be used via website and it should be stamped and endorsed by the sponsor.

The documents must be typed in Arabic for Arab nationals while non-Arab nationals can type in English. These documents must have along with these:

• 2 Photographs (4X6cm)
• Passport copy that is at least valid for six months.
• The original labor permit that is given by the Ministry of Manpower
• A medical fitness certificate which is also needed by some countries like:



Sri Lanka






The certificate must be authorized and approved by the Ministry of Health.

• There are some other specific professions requires copy of proof of authorities such as education profession, media, religious profession etc.

The fact is that if a person is transferring the funding with the Government, there must be an issuance of letter from the previous sponsor and must be approved by the Directorate General of Labor.
The delay and other fine must be settled before the visa application is submitted.

Entrance with children:

Single parents and adults are travelling along with children; they must have to submit the proper full proof of parental duties at the time of departure in the country. For the sake of this, there is also a need of extra information so you can contact the Oman Embassy. Those children who are under 18 and travelling alone, they must have a consent letter from one parent.

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