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Qatar is the one of the most visited and favorite country of the visitors among the whole over the world and it is the best place to live.
Qatar is one of the important countries of the Middle East Gulf region and it has many airlines which are in working condition.

There are four main important Qatar Airlines which are as follows:
• Qatar Airways
• Gulf Helicopters
• Qatar Amiri Flight
• Qatar Executive
Qatar is the one which is the most famous country of the Middle East for the aim of visitors. Because of the civilian reimbursements, it is a country which is famous from the old creatures.
Qatar is an Islamic country where the visitor can see the Qatar’s people wearing traditional dresses and can also see their customs.
Import and export of the pearl is also famous in this beautiful country which is calculated in the red sea.
It is also the place of the most amazing hotels, sand dunes, seascapes and historic forts of the world that is only the reason for the visitors from whole over the world which is coming to travel this country during their vacations.
Qatar is a country where popular visitors’ arrival will provide the visitors the seeing opportunity of the old history and also knowing about its rich culture.
The capital of the Qatar is Doha which is known as to be the famous local and cultural center of airports, seaports and telephone links.

We will see the some advantages of the property in Qatar now. Let us have a look at the features and start with forms of housing and then we will find the fashion of price.
Forms of housing:

We mostly prove a high assert for the concert housing in Qatar.
Now, there are many apartments and also have many villas.
The villas are usually consists of four bedrooms or more than four and having with a small garden area.
There are many freestanding villas which are well-developed but half-developed villas will involve very simple appliances like air-conditioner, and other many related expediency.
The compound villas are less costly socially than the freestanding villas.


There are many numbers of apartments and flats in Doha. Expats can select the small apartments which only have one bedroom and they can also select the large apartments which have maximum dive bedrooms.
There are most of the apartments which are fully developed but the expats must have to be careful about broken furniture and unbearable neighbors.
If you are offered to pay low rent so you should not be get indulge. May be you may suffer in the future.


It is always sensible to get the facilities of a local realtor to be at the safe end. The occupant will have to give 50% of the amount of rent of one month to the realtor as a commission. May be it is a burden to you but it will remove many problems or your worries in the future.


In addition to these, lists are also available in the classified of the English daily which is named as “The Gulf Times”.
You can also search these types of lists on supermarket boards and websites which are related to Gulf real estate.


The landlord supposed to take the money in advance payment of one year which may be produced through post-dated cheque.

Weather of Qatar:

The weather of Qatar is a very hot and its temperatures have increased in summer by many folds.
This can surely made problems for expats and in case of no air conditioning system is available.
So it is an attentive that expats must make sure that their housing is fully consists with an air conditioning unit.
In addition to this, it can cost the tenant a bit but will uproot the issues of blistering heat in the summer.

Fashion of Price:

The cost of property continues to enhancing in the country. The cause of it is its heavy development of the economics which was made assumed because of their laws of economics of sound.
This design is allowanced by the facts and figures which are as discuss:
• Be a first phase of Pearl-Qatar, it has 31 towers in it. The average sale price of new buildings has increased by 7% during the 3rd quarter of 2013, which is compared to a year ago and it is at the Porto-Arabia Pearl.

• The average sale price of new buildings has increased by 6% during the 3rd quarter of 2013, which is compared to a year ago and it is at the Viva Bahriya-Pearl.

• The prices of new buildings has increased by 4%during the 3rd quarter of 2013 which is compared to a year ago and at the Lagoon Plaza, which is a lavish twin tower building in Doha,

It is also gradual that the market of Qatar property will stay strong in 2014 and also have suggested by the forecasts of the IMF.

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