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Qatar is the one which is the most famous country of the Middle East for the aim of visitors. Because of the civilian reimbursements, it is a country which is famous from the old creatures.

Qatar is an Islamic country where the visitor can see the Qatar’s people wearing traditional dresses and can also see their customs.

Import and export of the pearl is also famous in this beautiful country which is calculated in the red sea.
It is also the place of the most amazing hotels, sand dunes, seascapes and historic forts of the world that is only the reason for the visitors from whole over the world which is coming to travel this country during their vacations.
The most important interest of the visitors is Airlines. When a visitor or tourist want to go somewhere, thy must have to need for airlines to reach on particular destination.
For this purpose, they must have to know about the services of Airlines of that country or state. The benefit is that they can enjoy suitable flights at that rates which they are ready to afford easily.
Air travel is a very conductive and pleasurable way of travelling. You truly require knowing about the services of airline as well as you are thinking to plan to visit a country.
Qatar is one of the important countries of the Middle East Gulf region and it has many airlines which are in working condition.
Here, we will discuss in detail about the most famous Qatar airlines. There are four main important Qatar Airlines which are as follows:

• Qatar Airways
• Gulf Helicopters
• Qatar Amiri Flight
• Qatar Executive

Places for the visiting
Qatar is a country where popular visitors’ arrival will provide the visitors the seeing opportunity of the old history and also knowing about its rich culture.
The capital of the Qatar is Doha which is known as to be the famous local and cultural center of airports, seaports and telephone links.
It is also the famous visitor arrivals of Qatar. There are the main visitors’ arrivals where the visitor can easily visit during spending their vacations in Qatar tour. Some of them are following:

Kingdom of Aladdin

Al Rumaila Park

Khor Al Udaid Beach and Safari Desert
Kingdom of Aladdin

The Kingdom of Aladdin is designed to be one of the most glorious arrivals of visitor of Qatar which is listed on the West Bay.
It is mainly an entertainment place which is filled with more than 18 playing advantages for all age groups. It is also a place which has the rest house, theatre, cafeteria and an artificial lagoon.
Al Rumaila Park

The Al Rumaila Park is situated in a zoo which is approximately twenty kilometers far from the Doha city.

There are many reptiles, animals and many different kinds of birds and it is also the home of Al Rumaila Park.

It is a mini amusement park and it is specially made for the children.

There are also many services of shopping and restaurants for the visitors in this beautiful place.

Khor Al Udaid Beach and Safari Desert

The most popular arrival of visitor of Qatar is the Khor Al Udaid Beach which is famous and well-known for its sand dunes and which have a height of more than 30 meters in some specific regions.

Al Jassasiya is also the other popular arrival of visitor which is famous for its huge limit of rocky hill with pre-historic stone carvings.

The Safari Desert of Qatar is also a place where the visitors who are wanted to see the sight-seeing sand dunes with a height of more than 50 meters, they should definitely go there.

The visitors who want to visit Qatar during their vacations can also enjoy eating many types of fish and seafood like tuna, crab, shrimp, red snapper and lobster.

The most famous food of Qatar is the mutton meat which is accompanied by milk of a cow or goat.

If you are thinking to spend your vacations at a place where you can make them unforgettable moments then you should definitely visit Qatar. As we all known that Qatar is a country which has the most extraordinary and eye catching places for the visitors.

You will fully enjoy your stay here as it has the most modern beautiful hotels which have the most extraordinary rooms and restaurants.

Other Attractions in Doha Qatar:
There are many other places where people can visit. Some of them are:

Al-thakhira beach

Aqua park

Aspire park

Barzan tower

Doha cornice

Doha film city

Doha fort

Doha zoo

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