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The most important interest of the visitors is Airlines. When a visitor or tourist want to go somewhere, thy must have to need for airlines to reach on particular destination.

For this purpose, they must have to know about the services of Airlines of that country or state.
The benefit is that they can enjoy suitable flights at that rates which they are ready to afford easily.

Air travel is a very conductive and pleasurable way of travelling. You truly require knowing about the services of airline as well as you are thinking to plan to visit a country.
Now we have to look Saudi Arabian Airline. Here in this article,
Now we will discuss about theSaudi Arabia airline sector by which you can easily select an airline service for your trip to Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia influnecesmany of passengers every year from whole over the world of religious dutyaccordingly, it also has many secure airlines operational work to give us the best services overall.
There are seven small or big airlines. These are the following names of all the airline companies in Saudi Arabia such as;

• Al- Anwa Aviation
• Saudia
• DalilahAveco
• Mid East Jet
• Naas Air
• Asarco
• SansAviation
Now we are discussing at the few of the important the airline of Saudia Arabia.

• Saudia

These are having the full name of the Saudi Arabian Airlines. This airline works which comes under the name of Saudia.

Saudia is the national airline ofSaudia Arabia. The name of this airline was Saudi Arabian Airlines until 1971, and it was changed to Saudia in 1972 till 1996, and the name was re changed to Saudi Arabian Airlines in 1977.

This is perhaps the biggest airline in the country which is giving the airline services to over 120 arrivals in numerousparts of the world in whichthe Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe are included.

The airline is also a part of the SkyTeam airline alliance since May 29, 2012 while being a part of Arab Air Carriers Organization.
It is used to be the biggest airlines in the region but at the time, it puts on the third spot, Emirates and Qatar are being on 1st and 2nd position accordingly.

• Mid East Jet

Mid East Jet is a charter airline of the Saudi Arabia which is based in Jeddah, It is a domestic company which offers the best airline services to local and foreign passengers.

This company gives thespecific services to its travelers. The important base of this airline is King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It has a fleet of 12 planes which is reputed being Airbus A318-100 and Airbus A319-100.

• Flynas

It is the close fitted airline which has its functionshaving the bothlocally and internationally. The formal named of the airline as Nas Air.

This airline is the only saving full airline in the country. The head office of the company is situated on the 1st floor of the Al Salam Centre, Riyadh.

This company came into being in 2007 and initiated its functions in February, 2007. This brand name was become to Flynas in November 2013.

The National Airline Services Holding is the mainproprietor of the airline with 63% of the shares while 37% of the shares which are proprietor by the Kingdom Holding.
Arrivals of Dammam and Yanbu were added to the list of arrivals of the airline in February 2013.
With the starting of the services between Jeddah and London, Flynas became the first low-cost carrier service of Saudia Arabia.
The company has plans to launchflights to the travelers of Lahore, Karachi, Kuala Lampur, and Jakarta.
There are the also other future plans of the company are to tool the arrivals of India, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, China, and US.

Cargo Service Center
The aim of the Customer Information Center which is CIC is to give their local and foreign passengers with the other information, services and advanced solutions for their all cargo delivery which is need for the goods.

The customer information center will also solve the problems of the complaints of the customers and inquiries regarding to be late or missing delivery products and also give pro-active problem solving services.

It will also take correct step to follow and give surety to forwarding of late shipments in local and foreign stations. In addition to these, the center will also give you the local and foreign GHAs and GSAs contact information up on request.

The timing of CIC for the customers is from 8am to 8 pm which is Saudi local time that is +3 GMT and 7 days a week and you may also contact the CIC on

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