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Saudi Arabia has long been on the list of top destinations to visit in Middle East. gives the best prices for hotels in Saudi Arabia, with 1475 hotels ready for instant reservation through our secure online booking engine.We have every main region covered, including Ash Sharqiyah, Makah, Al Medina, with lots of promotions such as early bird offers and last minute deals. Whatever you do, Mecca, Medina, Jeddah are great cities to visit.

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Visitors are always looking for the best residential hotels to live and especially when they are go out to abroad international arrivals.
Now you will be able to see the hotel of your choice among Saudi Arabia hotels whenever you will visit Saudi Arabia.
There are some of few hotels of Saudi Arabia which is the best and affordable such as:

International Taif

Intercontinental Jeddah

Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental Makkah

Makkah Clock Royal Tower

Makkah Clock Royal Tower

Intercontinental Taif

It is situated at a height of 5577 feet and this hotel is truly the pick of the lotwhich is among the all Saudi Arabia Hotels. It is situated in one of the most reputed and favorite visitor’s resorts of the country. Shubra Palace, Al Hada Mountain, and King Fahah Park encircle the hotel which creates the goodmixture of natural and artificial scenes. Amarket is also available for purchasing perfumes and prices.

Intercontinental Jeddah

This hotel is rated as Best Business Hotel in 2007 for the third orderly time by the reporters of the Business Traveler Middle East Magazine.

It is aperfect hotel for all the unite officials who visit Jeddah.The hotel is having with bestlodgings and with breathtaking scenes and also is having the service of a Club InterContinental which offers a wide array of dining options such as Fresh seafood, Brazilian meat, Buffets, and Tea.

There are more than 1000 guests can be live at the hotel. Bengali, Urdu, Singhalese, and Hindi are spoken here in adding to the domestic language.

The point to be raised specially is that domestic laws only permit men to enjoy the services at the Health Club.

Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental Makkah:

The very important thing is to be great about the hotel is the place of this hotel. It is situated at walking distance from the Holy Mosque, Masjid Al Haram.

It has also another feature which makes it perfect hotel is that the people who want to go from King Abdul Aziz International Airport to this hotel so it will not take more than 60 minutes.

The hotel provides 430mind blowing rooms where purification has been added to the highest level so that an enlarged living experience is given to the guests.

The hotel has also the availability of 152 suites which have to give you the enjoyable, easy and luxury residency.

The business center of the hotel issituated on the 10th floor andit is provided to the business guests from 9 am to 11 pm.

Makkah Clock Royal Tower

It is having 76 storeys in its buildings and this hotel is located just next toMasjid al Haram.
A 130-feet Royal Clock is made to declare the daily petition which is happen this hotel special among the all hotels.
The people can also see this clock tower from 10 miles away. In addition to this, the hotel has 858 well built, having enough space, and having goodrooms in it.
There are also another features which differ it from the remaining hotels is that it has 76 elevators in it which permits the Muslims to go to Masjid al Haram for prayers. This is the best facility which is provided by this hotel and many Muslims can easily go to masjid.

Rosewood Corniche:

It is made for the business and vacation travel both and this best hotel is situated in Jeddah and it also contains 101 guestrooms and 26 suites.
There are some important features of this hotel such as:

Handmade furniture

Wide array of technological facilities such as 37 inch Plasma screen

Wi-Fi access, DVD and CD players

Unparalleled services

The service of a local butler can be consumed by the guests as well. There is also a health club available.

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