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The country which is known as the home of two main cities of Islam is Saudi Arabia and these two main cities are Mecca and Madinah.
There are huge numbers of Muslims who come from across the world for the purpose of visiting the Saudi Arabia and who think it as a lifetime choice.

It is a country which is consoled in depth roots of culture and traditions. It is a city which is also known as the home of archaeological and technological places.
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There are many popular accounting conference is that “Land doesn’t depreciate!” It is true so.
The most surety of investment of funds can be nothing but real estate, where there are no opportunities of loss and as the investor are always has gains on his part.

Market of Saudi Arabia’s property:

The country “Saudi Arabia” is such type of country which has many numbers of chances which is related to the business of property. It will show that Saudi Arabia property always having produced the good benefit to the investors.
In addition to these, we can deny that the market of property is very strong in Saudi Arabia and like as the cost are always increasing the having to the enhance in demand of houses. These are the calculation which will be very helpful in showing the above discussed things.


The normal cost of a single residence such as villa and duplexes has risen by 9% to SAR 3150/square meter (sq. m), which is equal to USD 840 in Riyadh.
If we talk about residences for many families, we proved the increment of 8% in the prices, which made the average cost as SAR 2860/sq. m.
These figures belong to the last quarter of 2011. The increasing costs in the city must have the encouraging investors to have a villa or an apartment, and get the benefit of the bullish fashion of Saudi Arabia property market.


Jeddah is the one of the city which has always been a hub of business of the country.
The fashion of the real estate sector is very supporting for the investors. The sales value of a single family house raised by 5% to SAR 3980/sq. m. in the last quarter of 2011.
In addition to this, the average cost of apartments has raised by 14%, new figure being SAR 2450.

Old fashion:

The average prices of house have increased by 13.7 % per year according to the figures which is quoted by the National Commercial Bank Capital and which is the highest bank in the Middle East.

However, the average cost of land rose by 16.5% per year.
In future, forecasting in the industry of real estate is very good and also has the same components such as investments of government, amendments in the mortgage law, and the formation of the Ministry of Housing, Saudi Arabia.

Chances for the immigrants:

Those people who are not citizens of Saudi Arabia but they are legal citizens so they can buy property in Saudi Arabia for the sake of their own residences and which as allowed by the 2000 Real Estate Law.
A license from the Ministry of Interior is needed in this regard. International investors can also enjoy the services of having a piece of land to put on their commercial activities and also gives employees with residency.
Moreover, the rules give that the land cannot be sold for 5 years once it is bought; so that supposition can be contradict.

Moreover, there are many non-Muslims which are not certified to buy land in the pure cities of Mecca and Medina.
They can only have the lease laws in these cities and that for a period of two years.
The contract of lease can be refreshing and also have for a more two years. So it will be very enough to purchase land in Saudi Arabia!

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