Saudi Arabia Visa

The country which is known as the home of two main cities of Islam is Saudi Arabia and these two main cities are Mecca and Madinah.

There are huge numbers of Muslims who come from across the world for the purpose of visiting the Saudi Arabia and who think it as a lifetime choice.

It is a country which is consoled in depth roots of culture and traditions. It is a city which is also known as the home of archaeological and technological places.
The visitors arrivals in Saudi Arabia are simply enough and eye-catching. In addition of these, they are covered with cultural and historical pleasure.
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For the sake of going to Saudi Arabia, there are many numbers of needs that must be fulfilled.
Visa is one of the highest priorities for any citizen except for nationals of Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.
The documents which is needed to entrance in Saudi Arabia having:

A passport which is valid for maximum of six months with a minimum of two clear visa pages

A passport size recent picture with white background.

An application form in which you should have to provide the information with ink pen or must be printed.

All travelers to the kingdom must have a return ticket.
Visas are normally provided for the sake of work and business or visiting relatives and friends and for religious activities.
Visas are also given for visiting purposes. Moreover, it only authorized tour groups are permitted. Airport along with seaport visas are not useable.
Every visa has a need of the sponsor and it can take up to many months to take the whole method has finished.

The visa must be achieved prior to travelling.

In the old times, the Saudi authorities did not give the visas to those people who were born in Israel, or had travelled to Israel.

Women visitors must have to meet the sponsor on the reach.
Those who had not met the sponsors, there was delay before they could enter the country.
Those women who are considering going outside Saudi Arabia, they must be aware that married women are needed to take permission from their husband to go to the country whereas single women with children are needed to take permission from their guardian.
Mothers may not be able to take permission to leave minor children without the consent of their fathers. For the sake of entrance in Saudi Arabia, there is no requirement to take the pass for exit.

Moreover, there are some conditions that the people who is including in some legal fights, which may need to allow for exit.

Those people who want to visit Saudi Arabia, they must have a certificate of vaccination before reach. Physical examination or medical report is needed to take the allowance of work and residence.

Time period to have a Visa:

If you want to apply by post so it will take minimum time of 24 hours or 1 week. If you want to take more information or detail on processing time for different types of visas so you have to contact to the embassy.

Cost of the visa:

Family visit visa has a worth of round about £39. For business and work visa has a worth of £10 or Saudi Riyal 1000 which has to be paid by the employer of Saudi Arabia.

For multiple entry and residency has a worth of £96. On the other hand, the transit and residency visa has a worth of £10. Moreover, if you want to apply for the Umrah visa so there will be no cost or amount needed. The Pilgrim visa can be achieved through an authorized travel agent. You have to check for a list of your desire agents.

Validity of Visa:

The visit time initiates from the very first day when you enter Saudi Arabia within the correct dates.

A person is needed to present fever vaccination certificate. The person should have to take the vaccination against typhoid also.
Before the reaching in Saudi Arabia, the visitors must have normally taken a meningitis vaccination. A health report or physical inspection is necessary to take work and residence authorizations.

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